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Allow to create SharePoint folders when a new document location is created in Dynamics CRM Online

This would allow to create a custom Dynamics CRM -> SharePoint integration for document management
In Flow

- I did not find the posibility to create a SharePoint folder

- nor could I use the "Document Location" entity in Dynamics CRM as a trigger entity

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It would be great to have integrations from and to SharePoint, O365, Dynamics CRM and Ms Project with other projectplatforms like projectplace, activecollab, asana, basecamp etc. 

Ourt own focus is integration with projectplace and dynamics CRM, SharePoint, O365 and Project


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I trying to create a flow where there is an attachment to the opportunity in Dynamcis 365 CRM (CRM is inetegrated with SharePoint).  The attachment is lets say an art design, that an outside user needs to approve or reject with comments.  The issue we are having is how do we start the flow and how it should run.  Any help is greatly appcreciated.  

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Regarding the creation of a folder in SharePoint.


It is now possible with two new actions in our Microsoft Flow Connector called "Plumsail SP". It is a part of Plumsail Actions product and It provides a rich set of actions for SharePoint including:


Create SharePoint Folder by URL
Create SharePoint Folder in List