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Allow us to update Object Variable properties after initialization

My flows contain a lot of variable for keeping status. Sometimes I have multiple branches in my Flow so I need a variable per setting per branch.

The ideal scenario is that I create a single Object variable that contains my whole Flow Configuration and I read all my values from there. This works great.

But in some cases (like a loop counter or a success status) I need to update the variable value.

At the moment I can’t see any way to Update just a single property in an Objext variable and this would be very very useful and enable me to keep my Flow definitions really clean.
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I probably shouldn't even comment on this post, but here's my 2 cents anyway.

I have NO background in programming, and I like that Flow is geared more toward me than toward people with programming background. As a "layperson", I can't really understand your post (which is why I probably shouldn't even be responding - sorry), but from my limited ability to surmise, it sounds like you want this feature to allow you to keep your Flow definition neat and clean - from a programmer's perspective. If it'd make you happy, you of course have every right to request it, but for users like me, this doesn't matter. It sounds like you want changes that enable you to work the way you're used to working as a programmer, and that's fine. It'd be nice if they could give them to you. But, I want to just include my perspective because if Microsoft were to add features in order to allow programmer to work more the way they're accustomed to, I hope they wouldn't go as far as to change features that are currently designed to cater to laypeople like myself. If the way you'd ike to work in Flow was the standard way Flow was designed to be used, people like myself would no longer be able to use it.

I hope you get your request but in the meantime, try to embrace the experience of this product. It's not what you're used to, but I can personally vouch that this approach has a lot of value - if for no other reason than it enables people like me to accomplish some pretty sophistocated tasks using automation. And, as a person who's never taken a computer science course, I feel using this product has taught some important foundational concepts and increased my interest in programming. We need to support more products like this, especially for our future - how young a child could you teach to write code the way you usually do? How young a child could you teach to create simple programs using an interface more like this one? As a virtual child when it comes to computer science, I can attest that this feels like a gateway to learning more about the subject.

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Thanks for your comment and viewpoint on my request. I’m glad you posted as you raise an excellent point, so your replied is totally relevant.

You are correct. I just want to tidy up my variables into one larger object. It’s just to allow me to keep my Flow diagrams a bit beater and easier to manage. I can achieve everything I want to achieve using the variables I have. That’s what I do now.

I absolutely and whole heartedly do not want Flow to become a developer toolset. We have LogicApps for that. So in no way do I want Microsoft to take anything away in favour of updates such as I have asked for. The power of Flow and the things I can achieve in a short time compared to writing code is phenomenal.

However, they have added Object variables for us to store such data, or handle JSON data objects back from web services, so it doesn’t seem like a big stretch to extend that capability and allow me to interact and update the properties in my object variable.

I don’t think this request makes it more programmer focussed as it doesn’t give me any functionality that you can already do with 20 or 50 variables compared to my one object.

Thanks for your comments.
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I know this is an old idea, but I was trying to do something similar and found this idea when searching for the solution so thought I'd update with how I'm updating my value.


I'm not sure when the expressions were added but now in Power Automate you can use the expressions, setProperty(), addProperty() and removeProperty() which can be used to update your variable.


Then using setVariable to set with the new values




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