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Allow use of Expressions in Condition field regardless of viewport size

Some behavior in the Power Automate UIs changed today and now when we fill in the inputs of a Condition action we are only able to select output from previous steps. We can no longer use the Ctrl+Shift+Space key combination to insert an Expression into the Condition action fields, and now must do a workaround like a Compose Data action with the expression before the Condition action to use that output within the Condition field. This makes it impossible to modify existing conditions with expressions as well. This is a big step backwards in flow authoring UX! Please revert or restore the ability to add expressions to the condition action!


Unable to add Expressions to Condition action fields..Unable to add Expressions to Condition action fields..


Edit: It appears that this issue only exists at certain UI sizes. When I stretch out the UI horizontally I am able to once again add expressions to the field.

Status: New