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Allow users to configure date/time input/output (say MM-DD-YY to DD-MM-YY, et al)

for Start/End datetime fields would it be possible to add a configuration option to the field? And potentially when adding dynamic content?


So when a value is passed into the field a user can define what format it's in, so it's translated and potentially acted on correctly?


Say the field is in DD-MM-YYYY format, the user can define it and Flow can act on it accordingly. Either if needed translating it into its own format or allowing the user to transcribe its own format into something their output is expecting.


It would also be handy to fill in missing fields. I had a problem with the date not being correct as the default SharePoint 'date only' option still carried a default time of 00:00 which altered what day it actually thought it was. Being able to fill this option or overwrite it with say 00:01 and thus securing what date it actually meant would be helpful.


There's a lot of date related issues around flows because it's a very core piece of data that applies to countless processes. Giving users control over how datetime information arrives and is passed on would be really handy.


Being able to control output of the field in emails as dynamic content would be super useful too, especially if it could also handle weekdays, outputting say 'Monday 01 Jan 17' from 'Weekday, dd mmm yy', etc. Then invites, emails etc would avoid getting '2017-01-01T00:00:00Z' in them and confusing people. 

Status: New