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Allow users with Contribute access to SharePoint list to execute "For a Selected Item" Flows


Currently, a Flow with using a For a Selected Item trigger can be shared on a run-only basis with a SharePoint list.  Users with Edit access to the list can see and execute the Flow.  However, users with Contribute access cannot see the Flow in the Flow dropdown menu.


I suggest allowing users with Contribute access to see and execute For a Selected Item Flows.  Many site admins change the permissions on the members group from Edit to Contribute immediately upon creating a site.  The reason is that many believe that Edit access affords end users too much opportunity to make unwanted changes to lists.


Allowing users with Contribute access to run For a Selected item Flows will eliminate the need for site admins to choose between adequately securing their site and using For a Selected Item Flows.

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Hi Scott,


Please find other topics about the same issue, which I am considering as a bug as it does not comply with the feature description. 


Bug discussion


Flow idea, please vote




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I have configured a Flow that is triggered using a javascript button in a SP list application, similar to how @WonderLaura demos here:


I need the entire user base to be able to action this Flow, but I don't want to share out the entire Team/site that the SP list is hosted in because it is used by a specific dept.  So, I've shared the Flow with the SP list as owner and then shared the SP list with the 'Everyone except external users' domain group having Edit permissions modified so that they cannot delete list items, item versions or manage personal views.  But this still affords the end user way too many permissions.


MS should find a way to implement this, as the Edit permission allows end users to edit columns which, in many cases, would break the PowerAuto, plus the obvious deficiency of the end users being able to delete the...entire list application itself.