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Answer Approval Request using Force Touch on iPhone

Most of the flows I approve directly based on the title that is shown with the Approval Request. Having to open the Approval Request before I can approve it is a waste of time. It would be great to be possible to directly Approve or Reject the Approval Request using the Force Touch iOS functionality on iPhones.


A mock-up of this functionality on the iPhone looks like:

Microsoft Flow Approve Deny.pngApprove or Deny a Microsoft Flow Approval Request on iPhone using Force Touch


Status: New
Level: Powered On

Although not an iPhone user, as per above, opening the approval when it is simple to approve/reject from just the title is a pain.  Most mobile email apps allow the swipe right/left function to do certain actions, this may be the way to universally cover this, allowing, say, swipe right for approve and swipe left to reject, etc.