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AppInsights integration

Would it be possible to integrate with AppInsights?


There could be scenarios we could create where if a certain event happens X times, at Y frequency, or with Z load, then some action could be taken with ARM, or a new VSO task could be created to investigate.


For example, on one project, we had an exception being thrown that wasn't fatal, but it was happening a LOT and was indicative of a coding flaw, but AI wasn't being actively monitored at the time. If we could have had a Flow to file a bug in VSO when an exception is thrown 100 times in a day, we could have caught the issue sooner.

Status: New

You can sort of do this with an HTTP call to this URL:


JSON Format for the message body from this GitHub (you'll need your iKey): 


I am sure there are more elegant ways, but this seems pretty straightforward.