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Apply to each for Approvals: send out many approvals in parallel


Although apply to each has a setting for changing between parallel and sequential mode it does not seem to work with approvals.

I think it is a key function of flows to be able to send out many approvals - confirmation for meny individuals.

However approval (or send email with options and send approval mail actions) seem to process such a scenario in a sequential manner. (sending out the approval mail just afer answering the previous..)


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Status: Completed

This has been completed. You can read more here:

New Member

With "anyone assigned approval" running in parallel, the "apply to each" loop doesn't finish after one of the approvers approved...

Advocate II

I'm doing a "Send email with options" inside an "Apply to each" with the parallelism / concurrency set to 50.


Still the next email is only sent when the previous one is responded to.  So it's not parallel.  It's sequential.


So this appears to not be "Completed" or "Solved!".


Please re-open this issue.

Not applicable

Has anyone found a way to fix this at all and have a single approval complete the approval action? I've come across this and its still an issue for me that I'm looking to find an answer for.



Advocate I

I also see this as not completed.


Example: I have a flow with an approval within "Apply to each". i set the "parallel numbers" to 50.


So the first 50 approvals will be sent out but number 51-100 will only be sent when the first 50 were ALL answered.


This can't be a solution....