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Approval Detail not formatted correctly in Flow App as it is in Email


I was asked to post this here instead of the Bug Forum... the formating of the Details section of the Modern Approval flow does not format correctly in the Flow app as it does in Email.

Flow App.pngFlow email notifcation.png


I would like to see the same formatting for emails in the Details section applied to the Flow App as well. This would allow the approvers to be able to look at a sizable list on the go and approve. We are trying to move away from relying solely on emails as most people just don't read them anymore.


For reference, here is my post on the bug forum.

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This is a great idea! Half my users want to use the app for approvals, and I can't give them easy to read information so that they can make a quick decision. Flow approvals are so close to being a great feature. The details in the flow app are disappointing though.