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Approval Email/Email with Options for Shared Mailbox

We have the ability to Send an email from a Shared Mailbox - this should extend to approval emails and emails with options.

Status: Under Review

Hi - we are evaluating how we can enable this scenario. Thank you for the suggestion.

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Yes , please add this idea.

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I am able to start an approval when setting the assigned user to a user account in Office 365.


I am unable to do this when sending to a shared mailbox, and it would be extremely useful for our needs.


Whether this is just an error however I cannot find anything online about this, or hasn't been implemented it would be very good I suspect for more than just my needs.


Hopefully you see this and think so as well!





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I am noticing the same.  Is this a bug or something that isn't yet availble in Flow?  Just looking for an update.  Please advise. 

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I haven't heard anything as of yet, still waiting on a response unfortunately. If there was a way to boost this post it would be extremely useful, this is something we would still benefit from.

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Same issue here!