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Approval Email/Email with Options for Shared Mailbox

We have the ability to Send an email from a Shared Mailbox - this should extend to approval emails and emails with options.

Status: Under Review

Hi - we are evaluating how we can enable this scenario. Thank you for the suggestion.

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I have recently created an approval flow on MSF for a travel request form. I have created the approval workflow using "Send email with Options". It worked very well and it sends the approvals, however, all emails were sent from my email address and I couldn't change the sender email. 

Our IT director put me in contact with MSFT who guided me to create the flow by using "Start an approval" option that worked like a charm. You only need to add the requestor dynamic content in the "Requestor" field that you find under advanced options. 


Another hint for you. When you add a "Send an email" action when the approval is approved or rejected, avoid using "Send an email v2" because this one doesn't allow you to use a shared mailbox. 


I hope this helps 🙂


Hello, this would be really beneficial to give visibility to other people other than the designated approver. It would help unblock the approval when the designated approver is OOF. Additionally, it would help retain a record of all approval requests, and enable the people in the CC shared mailbox to see the pending request and send reminders. It would be great if you could prioritize. Thanks!

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Hey I have a workaround. You can add the shared mailbox as the connector/owner of the flow. 

Then you can configure Run Only permissions for the users and specify that for outlook only use the shared mailbox connection. This will make the "owner" the shared mailbox and appear as the "from" address

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We are able to use the "Start and wait for an approval" step to add an O365 outlook group which is what we are using for shared inboxes now, but there aren't options such as including CC or BCC which are required for certain business processes. So adding those options would be great, thanks!

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Yes please, add support for it. This is a must!

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Wow. Officially an idea in 2017 and UNDER REVIEW since 2018...


@Stephen After three years in review, can we expect this ability in 2022?