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Approval Email HTML Instead of Markdown

We have the need to format the font-weight, color etc in approval emails. Please allow use of HTML and CSS in Approval emails instead of the supplied markdown syntax! 

Status: New
Level: Power Up

Would definitely rather have HTML than Markdown.

Level: Powered On

I'd like to see this as well. From a user's perspective, there's no point in using markdown when Flow and every email client out there supports HTML/CSS.

Level: Power Up

This is a must have:

imagine the common scenario -> PowerApp-Form, Approval, Confirmation or Rejection email.

Not supporting html, requires you to either  let the powerapp-form deliver results in both

html and markdown, or strip down the html with an addional actions.


Not supporting html is inconsistent.


Level: Powered On

please implement this

Level: Powered On

Markdown is terrible and Inconstant between outlook desktop and web app. PLEASE add HTML. It makes the approval actions useless. Having to move all approvals to email with options to avoid training people to open in web app, when they perfer desktop.

Level: Powered On

i need to pull dynamic html table from powerapps collection and Markdown fails here..