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Approval Flow: Automatically add approval email to the sharepoint item

Ok, so I've got this beautiful approval flow build (including a very nice PowerApp) however there is one action I want it to do that would make it amazing.


Currently, the frontline raises a request which goes to their leaders as an approve/reject email.

Once the leader selects approve/reject it triggers an email to the agent that raised the request and updates the sharepoint item status.


What I want is to have that approval or rejection email attached to the original sharepoint item when its sent.

Given the flow is creating the email etc (as part of the approval process) it already has an "Notify the requestor" option and an "Update Sharepoint Item" option, I want an "attach approval email to sharepoint item" option.


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Advocate I

I 2nd this,  because I used the approval flow, and within the first 9 minutes of using Approval Flow,  I thought to myself this is all well in good.. but where they hell is the approval after its approved, I looked high and low.  whats the point of an approval flow if you can't see the approval, and who approved it.  lol.  geez.

I think everybody who is sane, would *need* this feature as top1 on their list before selecting Microsoft Flow as an appropriate tool for approvals.

A really stupid work around would be to update the list item with 3 dedicated columns called Approval Status, Approved By and Approved Date.   But then there is no column based security feature,  so anyone could bypass this.  


An even stupider work around would be to attach the approval email to the list item.  because anyone can attach approval emails to make it look like someone else.   


The best thing would be for microsoft to build a system to see approval history for the list item, and who approved it, obviously using their office365 login account.  not some silly status, or attachment.