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Approval Flow - Parrallel Approval?

I don't think it's currently possible to replicate the Parrallel Approval that SPD 2010-13 ootb workflows can do?

I guess that the PowerApp would be the front end asking the user to enter the names prior to the workflow starting.


Adding email attachments to Approval emails would also bring MS Flows closer to what SPD 2013 can do.

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 We use parallel approvals as shown above to have two required approvals happen, and then test with a custom condition that both were approved, if that helps.


Ah I see this feature has just been added. Great.

What if I wanted to send this to more than 2 approvers at the same time?



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 I havent tested this, but it appears you can continue to add parallel branches and then test all three are approved in an advanced condition, if you need multiple required approvals at the same time.  if you need one approval from a group of individuals, they can simply be listed in the 'Assigned To' field, and whoever approves first will progess the workflow.



I'll be a bit cheeky here - the flow doesn't seem to bring in columns that I have created in the SharePoint list that I have created. Is this supported?


Also would all this work on a document library?

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 I'm not sure on the columns.  We currently only connect to issue lists in sharepoint online, which shows all of the columns we need.  


You can kick off a flow when a document is created or modified in sharepoint, if that is your question.Capture.JPG