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Approval Flows: Allow more options than "Approve", "Reject"

I've started using Approval Flows and noticed that there is no option to manually escalate an Approval, only way to do that currently is via time-out.


Also it would be useful to have more than just the "Approve" and "escalate" options i.e. a third could easily be "Escalate" or whatever the Flow requires.


I also looked at the Outlook Office 365 Flow and while that allows you to have more than the "Approve" and "Reject" options, there is no option to add Comments.


So we're left with two unstaisfactory options i.e. use a Flow that allows comments, or use a Flow that has more than the "Approve", "reject" option.

Status: Completed

Custom response options are now available!

Learn about them here: Introducing Custom Response Options for Approvals



I would like to be able to customize or add to the approval states. Like to be able to go beyond "Approve" and "Reject". A common use case for me is "Returned", which requires applying permission back to the item so the individual can make edits then re-submit.

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On top of this, the ability to specify whether comments are mandatory or optional for each of the custom approval states would be much needed.
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It would be really useful to be able to user-define the option button labels/responses for the generated Approval email from the Approval Workflows.


Approve and Reject cover a lot of cases, but sometimes a different label/response would be clearer - e.g. Accept/Decline or Escalate/Revert


It would also be useful to be able to give a third option in some situations - On Hold or Suspend perhaps

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This would be really good, and thankfully has been also suggested by @robertcaretta here:

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In my case I would like 4 options: Approve, Reject, Conditional and Request More Info. The last 3 should force the user to enter a comment before saving. The ability to relabel and add response options along with being able to set the required flag for comments per response option would make it rather powerful.