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Approval Flows: Allow more options than "Approve", "Reject"

I've started using Approval Flows and noticed that there is no option to manually escalate an Approval, only way to do that currently is via time-out.


Also it would be useful to have more than just the "Approve" and "escalate" options i.e. a third could easily be "Escalate" or whatever the Flow requires.


I also looked at the Outlook Office 365 Flow and while that allows you to have more than the "Approve" and "Reject" options, there is no option to add Comments.


So we're left with two unstaisfactory options i.e. use a Flow that allows comments, or use a Flow that has more than the "Approve", "reject" option.

Status: Completed

Custom response options are now available!

Learn about them here: Introducing Custom Response Options for Approvals


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Vote to this idea, yes it's really important for all the workflows don't only need approve or reject.


For example: rework, record, etc...


2 options are really not good enough for us, please do consider to add customizable option in approvals.

or you could also add new event like Custom Tasks...

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I would support this too! - those terms may not be appropriate if you were modeling approvals via RAPID for example



Customisable buttons would be great!! 

Power Automate Staff
Status changed to: Started

It is already possible for a user to manually escalate (we call it reassign) an approval request, you can read about that here:


We also are now working on the ability to customize the set of approval options that a user can select from. 

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Any update? Capturing the approver & a comment are essentials business processes