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Approval Flows: Allow more options than "Approve", "Reject"

I've started using Approval Flows and noticed that there is no option to manually escalate an Approval, only way to do that currently is via time-out.


Also it would be useful to have more than just the "Approve" and "escalate" options i.e. a third could easily be "Escalate" or whatever the Flow requires.


I also looked at the Outlook Office 365 Flow and while that allows you to have more than the "Approve" and "Reject" options, there is no option to add Comments.


So we're left with two unstaisfactory options i.e. use a Flow that allows comments, or use a Flow that has more than the "Approve", "reject" option.

Status: Completed

Custom response options are now available!

Learn about them here: Introducing Custom Response Options for Approvals


Level: Power Up

I agree for more approval options.


When I flag an email, I want Flow to create a task in Planner and affect a custom category : Priority 1, 2, 3 or 4.

Using approval flow with a set of 4 options would be great : I could choose directly the right Priority.

Level: Powered On

Is there an update on adding custom approval options?

There already is another email template that lets you add in what options you want the selection criteria to be - you want to look for "send email with options" - then input what options you want visible under "user options" 

Power Automate Staff

I'm happy to announce that you can now provide custom response options in approvals!

Learn about them here: 

Hi @Karan_MSFT I tried clicking on the link but it returned a 404 error message?