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Approval Management For Admin

We would like to see a Flow Management process where an admin, either by site/process, or even at a system admin level, could manage approvals that are active. Two cases:


1) A user is no longer with the company, or a user is out of office on vacation, but a document approval task is currently out for approval with that user. There is no way for an admin to go into the task and reassign it to another user. Even if they were the ones who sent the task originally.


2) A workflow has been cancelled. The cancellation action does not remove the approval task that was already in process. Users have an inbox with approval actions that are stuck and there is no way to clear them out. As an admin, there should be a way to remove approvals so that the process can be restarted cleanly.


I think overall there is very little in the way of visibility into what approvals are currently in process, and how to manage what is out there. As a process admin, there must be a way to manage, reassign, and cancel approvals. As a system admin, we need to be able to assist the process admins in this task, and be able to clear out test accounts across the environment if needed.

Status: New
Advocate II

Agree that this would be great to have. We have complicated approval flows and some countries do not have flow enabled for various reasons.  


Currently we have to reset the approval back to the beginning which is somewhat annoying and all we need to do is to move the approval on a step

Advocate I

This is very much needed, because if we have an approver that is no longer with the company, the only option is to cancel it and have the requester resubmit.


The Flow admin really needs more admin tools around managing flows on the back-end.


Has this been reviewed yet?

Frequent Visitor

I could not agree with this more. This is needed very badly and the quicker the better. Users find it hard to trust in a system where if someone was no longer in a company and the approval flow has to be restarted. To most it sounds as simple as someone in the background being able to overwrite approvals and re-assign as needed.

I really hope they address this one sooner than later.

Resolver II

Microsoft this is needed! There are a few idea requests already floating around with a similar ask.

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Unfortunately, I can't even use Power Automate for Approvals until Microsoft implements this. I built a really awesome approval system but my superiors state it can't be implemented until we have a way to manage, reassign, and cancel approvals in an easy fashion.
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I am also looking for this feature. Did you get any solution.


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As far as I know this is still not an option. Keep voting it up.
Advocate I

I havent received any notice that this is available or in the works. I also havent seen it in the tools available to us so I do not believe this has been worked on. To build on this, it would also be great to have a 1 for 1 match with the item that is under process. For example, if you want to see the status of the document's workflow, you need to somehow go through all the in process workflows to determine which one was intended for that document. The only way around this is to know how powerautomate creates the links to the workflows, and then manually create a URL and save it with the document. Not the best process at all. The overall management of in process workflows/approvals is rough

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This feature is very much required. In fact it was available with old Sharepoint designer workflow, where admin can always go to the running workflow and re-assign the assignee.