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Approval Process - multiple approvals required

Hi, I am using Paralel approval process using "Start an Approval" action with "Everyone from the assigned list", workflow is completing if all the approvers approved or any one reject the task, However I would like to know pending approver details? can we get those details?


Per eample - Total Approver is 5 and only 3 approvers approved the task, I need to get who all are approved and who is pending? Please suggest is there a way to get those details. Please share it.




Status: Completed

With the Approval actions you get an array of all results - so you can see what each person responded with. You can use a filter or apply-to-each to access each of the responses specifically and write your own logic.

Post Prodigy

Agree dbro, I dont thinkStephen is understanding that we need a real time way to understand who is still pending so we can send reminders to them (just them), before the wait is over.