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Approval based on Threshold (% approve vs total users in a committee)

I'd like to propose the ability to consider something approved after a threshold has been met.


For example, a Committee considers something approved when at least 60% of its members have approved it.

For an 8 member Committee

Member 1: Approve (12.5%)

Member 2: Approve (25%)

Member 3: No Response (25%)

Member 4: Approve (37.5%)

Member 5: Reject (37.5%)

Member 6: Approve (50%)

Member 7: Approve (62.5%) ---> Approved
Member 8: Approve (75%) (recorded for the record/history, but unnecessary for actual approval at this point)


This method of approving ensures multiple eyes are on the proposal, but it recognizes that some people may be too busy (such as VP's) or may be out of the office.  Requiring every member of a group or committee to approve is not always the feasible way to do it.


This type of approval is necessary for many corporate governance bodies.  If anyone knows a way to accomplish this please reply.  Thanks!


Status: New