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Approval flow email options - Approvals app


Currently the user experience with approval flows feels very off.

The email options of an approval flow are somewhat redundant.

It doesn't matter if a user clicks "accept" or "reject". Both links go to the flow portal and require an additional (and maybe other) click. How about adding a link in the approval email to "manage my apporvals" and let "approve" and "reject" work like their name suggest/hints at - approving or rejecting. Similar to "Outlook email with options" ?


What makes matters more irritating, is, when I "approve/reject" a flow, and I get redirected to the portal,  a message pops up: "One of you components is broken, Do you want to fix it right now?" If I click, "repair now"... I am getting farher away from the approval flow... which makes me think:


Wouldn't a seprate "Approval app" make more sense? Flow is hardly the best location for an approval's standard audience, a manager. All the other options, with templates, connectors or even flows are hard to grasp.






Status: New