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Approval in email directly

Is there any way to use Approval but without having to clik on link to approve/reject.


Modern Approval flow requires the approver to go to the link to approve.

There is a first miss here as whatever the button choose by the approver (Approve or Reject), this has to be confirmed in the link (the 2 buttons are linking to the same page so I don't see the use of having these buttons in the email body).

Second miss is that the approval can't be done directly in the email. When using the Action "send email with option" we have the possibility to put the Approve/reject option directly in the email without having to follow a link to the request.

This possibility not to have to follow the link should be already in the Modern Approval Flow.


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I"m surprised this doesn't have more votes. This is a real problem for me. Our organization is unfamiliar with flow and the few test runs I've done have flummoxed users. They click "Accept", then have to run through signing into 365, then have to scroll down to find the confirm button. It is misleading to have those buttons in the approval email.