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Approval outcome for "Approve/Reject - Everyone must approve" should be simpler to test

Testing outcome of "Everyone must approve" is unnecessary difficult.


A simple "First to respond" approval outcome  is either "Approve" or "Reject" (single word string).

A "Everyone must approve" outcome (when approved by everyone) is "Approve, Approve, [...], Approve".

This is counterintuitive (the approval "outcome", one, singular), the (dev) user expect a simple "Approve" or "Reject" like in the simple case, not having to deal with string splitting or searching  for "Reject" in the string.


Suggestion: the outcome of "Everyone [...]" and "First  [...]" should be the same.


And maybe change Outcome type to boolean instead of string, would be easier for international users, who are not expecting the responses to be in english (magic strings...).

With this change, custom and "standard" approvals will be more different than today: standard approval outcome boolean, and custom approvals outcome (concatenated) string. I think that this shows that the current single Approval (with 2x2 types) should be redesigned as 2 distincts Approval blocks : a "simple" (approve/reject, boolean outcome) and a custom one (concatenated string outcome, as today).

Status: New