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Approval to an Office 365 group of users and support for comments.



It would be great if it was possible to send out an approval mail to members of an office365 group and get their response back. Thanks

Status: Started

We are working on enhancing our approval functionalities.

Power Automate

Hi all,

To clarify this feedback, is the ask to:

1. Send an approval request to each individual member in an Office 365 group?

2. Send an approval request to an Office 365 group, with the request accessible only through the group mailbox?

New Member



I think the first option, sending the request to every member of the Office 365 Group, would be more beneficial.

Advocate II

Hi any updates on this one?

I'm also looking for the updates on capturing the name of whoever commented with timestamps.


With multiple approvers on our organization, i think its important to know who commented this and what time.


Regular Visitor

Is there any planned ETA to complete Approval to an Office 365 group of users.

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Just making my interest in this feature being implemented known

Not applicable

Also replying to show my interest.  Looks like it has been a few years since it was 'started'.  This is really something i need to have today.

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So needed as we want process flows to be system-based, not person-based.  Anytime someone eaves, we have to open all associated PA's and update the approvers.  If we had a group, it would be a single change. Plus, by using a group, the first person available can approve or we could require all in the group to approve (please give us those options)

Regular Visitor

Any updates on this issue?

This is a so natural and basic feature for any appoval system, that makes me shocked that after 6 years its still not done.