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Approval to an Office 365 group of users and support for comments.



It would be great if it was possible to send out an approval mail to members of an office365 group and get their response back. Thanks

Status: Started

We are working on enhancing our approval functionalities.

Advocate I

Approval with multiple approvers should include the following option:

1.  Need First approval, out of many, to continue with next action.

     First approval accepted while other are ignored.

2.  At least X approvers, out of Y requested, to continue with next action.

     X less or equal to Y.

3.  Required ALL replies from approvers to continue with next action

4.  Once the flow continues with next action, a message is sent to update all approvers.

Power Automate
Status changed to: Started

We are working on enhancing our approval functionalities.

Advocate II

Using both the web interface and the mobile Flow App, I'm approving between 5 and 10 approvals per day. Most of the time I'm approving them, sometimes I'm disapproving them. It would be great to have the option to select pending approval flows one-by-one and selecting them all and decide to approve of disapprove them. Can this be implemented on the web and mobile interfaces of Microsoft Flow?

Advocate II

any news in this improvements? We also waiting for multiple approvers option..


Thank you

Advocate I

don't forget the ability to add comments to the approval.

Regular Visitor



Any update on multiple approvers with below scenarios

1. If any one of the approver approves request, go to next level

2. If any one of the approvers reject the request, complete the flow

3. Go to next level, only if all the approvers approve the request


Plese let me know if above are possible with ms flows

Advocate I

Any news?

Not applicable

Any news ?

Advocate II
ETA on when this will be completed?
Kudo Commander

It would be very powerful to allow SharePoint Groups to receive approval emails (many, many, many workflows are done in SharePoint).  Yes, a place to store comments with username and date/time stamp, wwith all comments showing in a veritical list (just like the SharePoint column Append Comments does in a list).