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Approval to an Office 365 group of users and support for comments.



It would be great if it was possible to send out an approval mail to members of an office365 group and get their response back. Thanks

Status: Started

We are working on enhancing our approval functionalities.


I need to be able to go beyond just "Approve" and "Reject". I need to be able to customize the approval states. A common use case in my environment is "Returned", which also requires applying permissions back to the item so the individual can make edits and re-submit.

Level: Power Up

this requirement's status changed to 'started' since Mar 2017, it's almost one year and a half passed, any news??? The send for approval action seems still not working very well 😞

Level: Powered On

Any news from this requirement ? My organization need this a lot... 

Do we have an update on the multiple approvers on approval action?

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Hi All, checking if there are any updates on this proposed improvement? Please let me know what the suggested workaround solution is in the meantime.