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Approvals - ability to specify users/group(s) that can act on behalf of users

The "Start an approval" action needs a "Delegate Users" field (or named something similar), which allows users/groups nominated in this field to:

  • View the outstanding approvals/approvals history that have been assigned to other users, regardless of who has been assigned
  • Approve/reject an approval on behalf of one of the nominated user(s)

Something similar to this:


delegate users mockup.png


The users nominated in the "Delegate Users" field do not receive an email when an approval is assigned to the user(s) in the "Assigned to" field - the only way they would see them is through the "Approvals" page in Flow.  This means the Approvals page would need a "My Requests" and "Other User's Requests"/"Delegated Requests" (or something similar) so that the logged on user can see which approvals have been assigned to them, and which approvals they are a delegate for.


This is similar to the need for administrative control over approvals (see my other post here), however provides for more granular control.

Status: New
Level: Powered On

If you vote for this, please consider voting for this idea also:


I have IT administrators of organisations that I've built flows for, screaming out for the ability to have administrative control over other people's approvals - as they should!



Level: Powered On

Delegation is an important function for MS Flow Approval.

The current problem is that after Approval has been sent out, we can do nothing except waiting. 

Level: Powered On

Agreed wholeheartedly - the ability to handle the approval for a manager, should they be on vacation or away for an extended duration (or an approval absolutely needing OK'd before moving forward and in an emergency situation), is a necessary business function.  


If it were possible to somehow capture a Flow ID automatically (e.g. when a Flow is created) and then cancel that Flow via another flow (kicked off from PowerApps, persay) would help bridge this need.  That the ID is not made available as a function to store makes this operation impossible.


Build more functionality in approvals!!