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Approvals for Office 365 Home accounts

Office 365 Home can have up to five users, and can be tied to my "Microsoft Family".


That being said, I sometimes need flows like "When I add a row to an Excel spreadsheet, send an approval to my wife".


I currently simulate approvals using calendar events and RSVP, but I need multiple flows and can't achieve an ideal solution that a single Approval would give.


That being said, I think you should enable some sort of Approvals to Office 365 Home subscribers.


I mean, we are paying for Office, and should be given better options to use Office inside our family. I think Approvals would be a great step.

Status: New
New Member

I have plenty of flows I'd like to create on a personal basis.  I agree completely that Teams and Flow should be part of the Home package.  Remove Access & Publisher or at least allow us to choose.