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Approvals in Japanese

I want to update some texts of approval in Japanese.


1. Date of Approvals in Web. 

  I want to Date text to Japanese from "Apr 24" to "4月24日"

 1.png2. "from" in mail.

  I want to change "from <requester  name>" to "<requester name> より" or "要求: <requester name"

3. DateTime in mail

  I want to change GMT datetime to Japanese format/timezone datetime.

  from "2017-04-24T05:03:47Z" to "2017年4月24日 14時3分47秒"

4. "Approve" and "Reject"

  I want to change "Approve"/"Reject" to Japanese text "承認"/"拒否"





Yoshihiro Kawabata



Status: New
Level 10

Thank you for your vote to this flow idea.

Please comment what do you think, and your scenarios.