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Approvals' mass deletion



It would be nice to be able to delete or cancel an approval without approving or rejecting it.
Even more if we could do that for several approvals at once (mass deletion).

I've run a lot of tests these times and I just want to clear my dashboard... 


Thank you ! 

Status: New
Frequent Visitor

No solution from me i'm afraid just a note of support. I have the same dilemma, often our approvers send us an email approval, but don't have time or connectivity to physically approve the cards fro Power Automate. So after we cancel the request and manually update the lists and registers with their email response, their ACTION InBox, is a mess, making them even less likely to e-approve. Others have commented on the same needs, apparently there is a set of code that the developers can employ to remove the action cards, but what if we are not a developer and don't have access to one?

Regular Visitor

I am completely surprised this does that have enough vote. This is a very important and needed feature. Also, it is a mess on the Action Items screen with users having this queued. I would like to create a CANCEL workflow and have actions available to me to cancel those pending requests given the Approval ID I already captured and have stored in a SharePoint list.