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Approvals v2: Delegate approvals

It would be helpful to be able to select one or more person(s) where you can delegate approvals to. For people on vacation it would be very handy to select someone to take care of their approvals when they are on vacation. 

Status: Under Review

Thanks for the suggestion, this is a good idea.

Level: Powered On

Also having issues when a Manager takes leave, in addition to the ideas above, allowing an admin to redirect would be a good fail safe feature.

Level: Powered On

To be very honest - this is a feature that Nintex had for ages. Many of us are looking for this kind of functionalities in Flows in our quest to replace Nintex with something more modern. 


The fact that such a request is unanswered for 2 years... not cool Microsoft.

Level 8

It might be even better if there was some type of "Admin" function where someone like me, the person who writes all the Flows, can set up this delegation for my end-users. I make this suggestion because a huge percentage of end-users are NOT that great with technology.  In my case, I'd have to visit every one of my approvers and set it up for them.

Level: Powered On

Come on Microsoft! Please deliver this otherwise the approval has a serious usability issue!

Level: Powered On

Seriously thinking of throwing this product in the bin and going for a solution like Nintex because of this issue. It's just embarrassing that I have explain to colleagues "you submitted an approval but your Manager's on leave? Yeah sorry, nothing we can do". Why has Microsoft been so silent on this issue?