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Approvals v2: Delegate approvals

It would be helpful to be able to select one or more person(s) where you can delegate approvals to. For people on vacation it would be very handy to select someone to take care of their approvals when they are on vacation. 

Status: Under Review

Thanks for the suggestion, this is a good idea.

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this feature and approval reminders are sorely needed asap!

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Or probably provide an Out Of Office feature...

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This really needs to get added. 

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Any updates on this????

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This feature is a must for Power Automate - Flow approvals; our clients are asking for this delegate function.

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I see this post started in 2017 and we still don't have this feature.....really a pain for business that use approval workflows and go on vacation. When is this planned to happen?

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A year on from the last comment and this is still "under consideration".  Is there any chance of an update?  It would be really nice if people could manage the delegation of their approval requests, perhaps through the Teams Approvals panel.  Currently I'm having to set a timeout on approvals that will then notify a shared mailbox so that IT can manage the reassignment... not very efficient.

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This is a very important feature, ideally it would allow users to set their delegate, and decide whether the delegate always receives a copy of the owners workflow tasks or only under certain conditions (i.e. the out of office is set on for a user).

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This feature is desperately needed... please can this be developed as a priority?  It is a nightmare not being able to delegate approvals.  We are having to work around this by developing customised approval/task lists ourselves rather than using the native solution in Teams.  

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@Chris-Gilmartin  - The answer is "Adobe Sign" in conjunction with Power Automate. 


I know... I know... LOL