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Approvals v2: Delegate approvals

It would be helpful to be able to select one or more person(s) where you can delegate approvals to. For people on vacation it would be very handy to select someone to take care of their approvals when they are on vacation. 

Status: Under Review

Thanks for the suggestion, this is a good idea.

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I sincerely hope this is on the Feature Enhancements list for the MS team. I have a pretty intense approval workflow created for Change Requests, and knowing the whole thing will get bottle-necked if someone goes on vacation is giving me serious anxiety. lol

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Love the idea, indeed needed.


I see 2 scenarios:

- person does not respond / is out of office

- person actively delegates the decision

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Hi community!,


Here is the deal: I am approver, I need to go vacations or have to leave for any given reason so I need someone to take over in my absence but I don't want that everyone using Flow has to setup a delegate whenever my approval is needed.


So the idea is that the Approval Center get a "Redirect/Delegate All" config where each approval receiver user have the ability to setup where to redirect all the incoming approvals. 


That simple, a centrilized place to setup your delegate.


Why is not already in the approval center MS?


Thanks!, Ed. 

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My thoughts exactly. It will be even more powerful and versatile if the person can setup its delegate at his approval center so it is applicable for all the incoming approvals. I created an idea for that one too: Approval Center - Delegate All Config

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Agree with @theChantos, this is much needed.  This is a great idea, and I've made similar posts here and here.  Approvals in general needs more of this type of functionality to support real-life business cases such as people going on leave/being away sick/leaving an organisation!