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Would it be possible to have a 'send on behalf of' option for Approvals, in the same way the we can sent an email using the "From (Send as)" option? Flow Approvals that I have created for other departments appear to originate from me personally, and they should not. 

Status: Completed
Power Automate
Status changed to: Completed
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After setting up Approvals, is there any way  not to sent notification to the Assigned to Person? So that once a week, I can set up notification reminders for approval. This is the way the Assigned to Person does not need to recieve notifiation frequently.   

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This has not been resolved. Even when you designate a different person in the "Requester" field of an approval, the email still notes that the approval was "Created by" whatever account is setup as the Flow owner.

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This has been marked as completed but i dont think there has been a fix for this as it always indicate that the approval email comes from the Flow creator instead of the requester.