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Approve/Reject Approval Flow from PowerApps, not just within email notification


currently when using the Approvals flow it provides the ability for user to approve/reject and event provide comments from the email approver received. Approver user also has the ability to approve/reject from the Flow Approvals center. These are all great but we also need user's ability to approve or reject within the PowerApps. It would very useful if we have the ability to reject/approve the Flow's Approval card from PowerApps or other way besides just from the approval email notification. 

Status: New
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You have such functionality inside Flow application in Approval tab

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I think, the idea is to have it available in PowerApps as an approve or reject button so that approvers don't have to go back to the email notification or go somewhere else (approvals center) to approve or reject a request/form. It would be nice to have custom buttons available as well (more information, etc).

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Hm, from one side I agree such functionality would be useful but from the other side it may kill the approval center in Flow app because companies may move their approval centers to their own PowerApps apps applying their own theme and logic....which actually may be even better :D.  You've got vote from me.

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Thanks Mike.


One of the scenario is that I have my requester user to submit request from powerapps. PowerApps saves request to SharePoint list. Upon item created/updated it triggers Flow to send Approval request to approver. Half to the time approver is fine by using the approve / decline button in the email to complete the approval, but the other half they click on the link which take them back to the request in the PowerApps to review the request. It would be very nice that they can Approve or Decline within the PowerApps right away. It would be so clunky if expecting approver to go back to their email and approve/decline there and/or expect then to navigate to Approval center tab to action there.