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Apttus Debuts Intelligent Incentive Compensation Management

The introduction of the Intelligent Incentive Compensation Management solution is yet another example of Apttus' innovation in the Quote-to-Cash business process. Built on the Apttus Intelligent Cloud™, IICM enables sales leaders and compensation professionals to manage simple to complex incentive programs that target optimal selling behaviors aligned to a business' revenue goals. As the newest addition to the Apttus Training Incentives solutions suite, IICM goes beyond traditional offerings by now providing variable incentives to internal sales teams and partner channels, alongside its existing capabilities, such as marketing incentives and promotions for customers and rebate programs for customers and partners. Aligning all selling channels, including internal sales teams, partner channels and E-Commerce, allows IICM to ensure customer satisfaction while providing motivation to sales teams.

Intelligent Incentive Compensation Management is critical for all enterprise-level organizations, yet its processes are fraught with limitations which IICM is designed to address:

- 48% of incentive plans do not achieve desired results. This translates to a significant loss in time, resources and money. Apttus IICM allows organizations to embed incentives throughout their Quote-to-Cash processes, align incentive programs across channels and design intelligent sales compensation plans that drive business results.

- 87% of companies are not using automated, packaged solutions today. Spreadsheets and homegrown solutions are still the norm. In addition to gaining operational efficiencies through automation, Apttus customers can integrate IICM and QTC applications with a single vendor, single platform, single data model, and single user interface -- a unified experience unavailable with other solutions today.

-90% of companies are choosing to make changes to their sales incentives programs in 2017. Apttus provides the insight and intelligence through Apttus AI using Max and machine learning to quickly and intelligently adjust sales incentives and provide the visibility to ensure alignment of these programs.

As the unquestioned leader in Quote-to-Cash innovation, we are proud to continue driving our industry forward. One of the latest ways we are doing this is with Intelligent Incentive Compensation Management," said Kirk Krappe, Apttus CEO. "Through the years, we have learned that the best way to drive business outcomes is not only to automate the process, but also to motivate individual behaviors throughout business practices. By having incentive-based applications wrapped around Quote-to-Cash solutions, organizations can align user behavior to business outcomes.

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