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Asana SharePoint Flow

Updates to Asana projects/tasks trigger actions to update SharePoint (and vice versa); Ability for Asana groups to update relative subsites (Our SharePoint uses different subsites for different departments).


Would be very helpful for Asana/SharePoint users, especially organizations that collaborate externally often via SharePoint/Asana.


Haven't seen anything that accomplishes this other than third party providers. Doing it via Flow would be ideal.

Have seen users come somewhere close to this idea, but nobody has been able to fully accomplish it.


If anyone knows of a working method, has any ideas or simply supports the idea, please join the discussion.

Status: New
New Member

Updating task lists in SharePoint by updating them in Asana looks theoretically possible

Each time I set up a flow that looks like it should work, I get an error similar to the following:


  "message""Rate limit is exceeded. Try again in 58 seconds."


Seems strange when only sending a single task over to SharePoint from Asana.