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Ask user for input

There should be a way to send an email asking somebody to input something. This input could be used as dynamic content. It would be nice to allow a user to change a variable. For example, asking a user what time something should be or giving the option to change a time. It would also be nice if there was a comment box for email with options. Personally, that would solve my issues, but I feel like a general "Ask user for input" could be more valuable for its wide variety of uses.

Status: Under Review

The recommended way to do this is to use approval flows. These can receive input from users and then proceed based on the selected input. 

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We also need this feature; Approval emails don't allow attachments, which is required for many of our use cases (as opposed to sending a link to the document(s)). Being able to insert a text input field into the Send Email with Options connector would solve a lot of issue quite nicely.

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I would really love this feature.

For my use case, the following would be great;


A Flow that is available organization wide.


1; User clicks Flow button

2; Flow asks for Name - User inputs first name

3; Flow asks for End Date - User inputs en date

4; Flow asks for replacements email address - User inputs email address

5; Flow finishes and sets Out of Office for that user with above inputs.

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@Stephen - I think the most basic way of explaining this is in my organization's needs. We are using Flow to create new clients. All new clients are required a unique client ID based on several aspects of the client (i.e. location, book of business, type of client).

The process would be a staff member would fill out the client profile. The staff member does NOT have access to the available client #s. After the form is filled out, an approval would require the client # be input by an administrator.


I know this can be handled using the "Comments" section, but having input fields with validation ability would be CLUTCH.


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Again, agree if the 'Send Email with Options' allowed a free text option this would solve most situations where you want to collect a single piece of data from the email recipient, in my case I'm trying to collect a PO Number when I send a Quote to the customer, that PO number then allows me to in turn process the Quote, it' not enough that they just approve it, but provide the Purchase Order number.

I should also add, that in my case the user is external, so can't use 'Approval' flows, as they are designed for internal, so my only other option is to use Micorosft Forms to collect the data, it's much more complex, still trying to work through it



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I'd also like to add my voice to chorus of people asking for this. It'd be nice if there were a connector that allowed me to set up a list of custom parameters of varying types I could ask people for via email. I'm working on a system at work that I basically have to use Flow for that allows people to enter a request for travel to a conference with an MS form, which a Flow watches and then makes a SharePoint item based on the forum response. We don't want to burden staff with having to enter EVERY SINGLE detail about the trip (how much will travel cost, what funding code will you use, etc) in the initial request. I'd LOVE to be able to have the Flow go back and ask the user via email for some easy-to-fill-out information when they get their "your travel is preliminarily approved, just provide us with the following info please:"


I realize that I can send people to the sharepoint item once it has been created and have them edit it there, but we need to keep people out of the list side of things as it only ends up causing headaches in terms of managing permissions on each item (trip) in the list and the desire to keep people from seeing other people's requests. I know that SharePoint 2010 Designer workflows have a way to set permissions on items, but I've had lots of problems with SharePoint Designer workflows crashing randomly lately for seemingly no reason. MS support isn't much help in resolving why it happens and it seems the general idea is "you should be using this newer stuff like Flow". So...I'm trying to be a good boy and use Flow for as much as I can.

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All good ideas..  Just looking for a way for a Instant Flow to request a string to be used as a variable within the Flow.  Thank you, 

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I just noticed that the action "For a selected file" now appears to support multiple inputs into separate variables. There is a new "+ Add an input" gesture at the bottom of the UI for this with several flavors (Text, Yes/No, File, Email, Number, Date).

Anyone here noticed, or played with these new options?
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For putting input I am using Start an approval where you have an ability to put comments and use them later.

Would it be the solution?


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Yes, Steven from MS already recommended this. It is a way to get this done, but is really more of a workaround than a solution and can only get you one piece of info at a time.


If I had to guess, I would say that MS would prefer to drive people to PowerApps for this kind of thing so they can get people buying more of those $40/mo PowerApps licenses.

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I am currently using approval flow for this scenario, but the problem is it ends up in users' junk box because the sender is Microsoft Flow. Even when I put an email in Requester field, the sender email is not affected.