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Assign Office 365 License in Flow - Fully Automate Onboarding

It would be very helpful to be able to fully automate onboarding!! Is there really no way to do this yet?


For example HR fills out a form > flow does the rest in Azure with creating a user and assigning the licsense. Easy as that.


But, having to come back into the portal after each user creation just to assign a license kind of defeats the purpose, I might as well just create the user from 365 portal or Azure AD. We have anywhere from 5 to 20+ onboardings a day.. major headache doing all of this manually.


Anyone have another solution?

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You can use Group Based Licensing in Azure AD to do this for you.Just put the new account into the appropriate group and you will add done.




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The mentioned solution is only available for E3 or A3, in the lower subscriptions assigning a license template to a group is simply not available. So this only works for some...


I would love to see a flow action like 'Assign license' in the Azure AD connector, that would solve the problem.

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Using group=based method for E1 and E3, works well. 

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Would love to have this function without group-level licenses assignment. 



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As @DLGross  mentioned this can be achived using groups without any code. I have written a post on how to do this which might help

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