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Assign task, reminders, and complete task from SharePoint list item form using flow and powerapps

Idea: Flow should assign a task from SharePoint list item form and send reminders for incomplete tasks. It should also mark the task as complete when list item form is updated and stop the reminders if task is completed. All from the list item form interface itself. It will be great if this is a customizable single step operation so that it can be used repeatedly with conditions and lookups to automate a lengthy business process.


Business justification: Often times employees complete the activity on SharePoint list item but do not return to mark the workflow task as complete as they think it is unnecessary and in a way it is. Which affects the reporting with false positives (training completed but task is not hence the employee name shows in defaulters) and also reduces adoption of SharePoint Online and flow.


Benefits: User friendly and consistent user experience

Employees and Managers (Approvers) will only need to work with the list item form and not with a workflow or custom task form.

This will greatly increase adoption of SharePoint Online and flow.


More details:

Often times a business process requires external activity to be completed.

For example say all employees attend a mandatory training at a third party vendor site.

Let's say we are tracking the training completion using a SharePoint Online list.

Employee (or someone else on behalf of employee) submits a training request form (List item)

When a list item is created, the employee should be assigned a task to complete the training in 30 days.

If the activity is not completed we want to send a reminder every 7 business days.

External activity: Employee completes the training.

Employee returns to the training request form (List item and not any workflow / custom task forms) and marks the training as completed (we may collect additional information like training dates or score etc.).

Flow should mark the task as completed and stop the reminders.

Is this already available? if not can this be added?

Status: New
New Member

Yes, I've been looking forever for something like this. I even watched videos and searched and can't seem to finding anything. I figured I'm just not seeing the angle or work around by using other flows.