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Associate Flow with a SharePoint Content Type

It would be a big help if we had the ability to associate a Flow with a SharePoint content type.  The capability I am describing would be similar to what is available with a reusable 2010 style workflow created with SharePoint Designer.


The capability should include:

  • The ability to automatically use the Flow anywhere the content type is used within a site collection or site collections
    • Attach the Flow to the content type definition
  • The ability to optionally use the Flow anywhere the content type is used
    • Attach the Flow to an instance of a content type
Status: New
Regular Visitor

Totally suprised the power of custom MS Flows can't easily be triggered from a SharePoint list/lib on demand.
Yes one could setup a flow to be triggered on events like addition of a document but we need the user to be able to trigger on demand with associated document/item.

Super User

@Steve-416 :


Actually you can run Flows on demand for SharePoint list and library items by using th For a Selected Item trigger.  


If you use this trigger, remember that you'll probably want to share the Flow with the list to allow your users to see and start the Flow.



Regular Visitor

Thanks for the reply Scott,

I did try this using the "For Selected Item" Trigger and connected to the DocuSign "Send Envelope Using Template". Unfortunately the "selected Item" aka file does not get attached to the envelope leaving the user with only the templated document to be signed. If you use DocuSign directly and add the file with the Template it results in the form with signature appended to the PDF of the selected (uploaded) document. This is the behaviour I expected but I don't know why it's not working. Am I missing something?


Helper III

Can we trigger a Flow with a SharePoint Content Type, @ScottShearer ?

Regular Visitor

Is there a way to create a file from a content type, @ScottShearer ?