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Associated or Grouped Flows

I have a few flows that work together in association for a given scenario. It would be great if there was some mechnism for pairing them in a template or associating them somehow.


One example is:

1- New VSTS work items create new sharepoint items

2- Modified VSTS work items update sharepoint items

3- Modified Sharepoint List Item create or update VSTS work items

(I found that creating a sharepoint list item triggered both "when a SP Item is created" AND "when a SP item is modified")


Another is a flow that

1- routes tweets based on sentiment analysis. Some go into CRM, others go into a list.

2- Every morning that list is compiled into a digest email and sent.

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Just doing some house-keeping on this old post as looked for the answer to this myself today as I have an ever-growing list of Flows - this was answered here:


Solution is to use 'Solutions' to group your flows together, they are similar to tags in that flows can exist within more than one Solution




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And also adding here the downside that I found to this - you have to create a solution and create new Flows unless your flows are CDS-based, any 'normal' Flows cant be picked up and need to be recreated..