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Attach File to SharePoint List Item

I need to create a Flow that copies a SharePoint List Item from one list to another list. The two lists are in different sites but they have the same fields. The Flow must be able to copy all files attached to the first list item to the new list item in the second list.




  • Need the "Create item" action to allow adding 1 or many file attachments. Currently the "Create item" action offers only some of the fields that are in the list. Below screen shot shows the "Create Item" action offers only the Title, Description and Total Work fields. It does not offer Attach file. It does not offer "status" which is also a field added to the list.



  • Need a new "Copy Item" Action similar to "Create item" but automatically copies all fields from the source item to the new item. Currently the "Create Item" action only sees somNeed option to attach files to list itemNeed option to attach files to list iteme of the fields of the source item.
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I ran into the same problem, and ended up using "link to item" field in flow (this populates a blank hyperlink column in 2nd list I named link to attachments) and it opens the item from first list along with ability to then see attachments. I then used basic JS to shorten the link. Its not the best solution, but it works if you are stuck and dont want to use SP Designer. The main reason flow can't provide the ability to populate from list to list with all files was explained in another post. It described the inability to see the system folder that holds attachments and be able to grab/send multiple attachments.  Alternatively, on another project, I used a doc library and then added list columns to function as a way to use main function of lists (reporting/quick visibility).  Also considered using flow to create a list item with attachments from the doc library (where file/item initially uploaded)  because it offers ability to grab multiple files with some creativity. Hope this helps with ideas.

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This would be great!  Along with other triggers & conditions for SharePoint list item attachments.




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@gilberson_jeff    -  let me know if you get stuck; I have learned many tricks that are fortunately starting to be addressed by new capabilities released in Flow and happy to share what I use/have used. One trick that I have found handy when creating links beween libraries and lists, is to always pass the ID of the item/file created to the other list/library so that you can use the ID to select a file or item to synchronize changes (and set more specific triggers/conditions).

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I want to create a list item from Flows and add an attachment as well.

Since , there is no option to add the attachment directly when adding the list item, what is the alternative to do so ?

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Not sure if you are still searching. I usually op for using a Document Library and adding the same columns that your list has in it. But, if you are stuck, (I have been in past) - there is a less than perfect solution (overcomplicated) but need to know more about the trigger to create a list item using flow (example: when email received, when a drop down field  in list is switched from No to Yes, etc.)





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Now, they have Action "Add attachment" in SarePoint connector that is useful in adding attachments into the SharePoint list item. However, I used it to copy files from email and am successful for most of the file types except .txt files. I haven't tried copying from list. The reference link might be helpful to you.