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Attach Link to Sharepoint Item List When Email is Sent

Sending an approval email when (for example) a claim for expenses is added is excellent but it only has approve or reject options which means that the approver cannot easily review the claim.


Rather than have to add all the relevant fields to the email it would be very useful to be able to add a link to the current item, preferably in edit mode.  This would allow the approver to review, and edit if required before hitting the approve button.

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Agreed. Anyone who has been working with workflows in SharePoint understands the primary importance of being able to generate a link back to the item in the notification email. It's one of the most common actions in a notification email regarding anything in SharePoint. How this could have been missed in the first round of "Flow" options is beyond me. 
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I think this option would be really great to have..if am the manager approving a flow, i need to know as

much information what am approving with, a link to the current Item on edit mode is one of my boss requirements.

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Does anyone at microsoft use their tools? 

Here's an idea, take your "flow" to your internal accounting department and just record what happens from start to finish.

doesn't even support pdf files without a gigantic headache


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It is simply beyond me as to why no one thought that the approval email that includes the Approve and Reject buttons does not have a link back to the item for which the user is supposed to be able to read first and then record their disposition.


Please vote on this common sense requirement to move it up in the chain.  I'm completely dismayed at this whole thing as I've spent quite a bit of time trying to make this work and now I'll just have to go back to the old 3-state workflow.