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Automate external sharing / guest access of SharePoint content with a flow action

In my scenario it would be nice (and with as less risks as possible for users maing mistakes) to enter an e-mail address in a text field and that Microsoft Flow would be able to assign the desired permissions to this external / guest account on that site / list / item.


If the option to disable the invitation e-mail would be included in this Flow Action, we could send an own instruction mail on how to log on (register account as Microsoft Account).


This way would be able to automate this action with as less risks as possible.

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@AnonymousI noticed your suggestion here and can inform you that we have for quite some time managed all our guest invitation using the Invitation Manager API inside a Microsoft Flow process..


We have a "Get free Trial" button on our homepage which opens a form and data filled in is saved to a MailChimp list and from here our Microsoft Flow checks every minute for new subscribers and starts the invitation process and place the user inside a AD Groups depending on data from the form. We use Mandrill (add on to Mailchimp) to sent out a nice looking welcome e-mail with the invitation URL so we can track open/click events or resend the mail to the user. The e-mail contains the redeem url created by the invitatin manager API and additional instruction for how to complete the process.

Try it out here and the implementation overall is 1-2 days but maybe faster today since Flow has evolved quite fast since we completed this task last year..

To other systems internally we use both Microsoft Forms and/or SharePoint Online list items to request user creation/invitation mainly related to our partners reselling our LMS365 software.


NOTE: Above is not a service we sell and/or deliver but only something we implemented for internal usage to improve and fully automate our trial experience...


Hi @freddygbang, I never thought about these posibilities because I can not even spell API 😉

My request is more low-level so that SharePoint Site Owners would be able to do the things this Invitation Manager can without (complex) API's on Azure AD level.


My request still stands for the "empowered end user" but your response is much appreciated though!