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Automatically create appointment in calendar from an attachment or email content

This will allow to automatically create an appointment in calendar from an email (iCal) attachment, or from the email body content.


If it's from iCal attachment, it automatically create a calendar event based on the information in the iCal attachment


If it's from email body content, it automatically picks-up the date & time, and its location from when and where information stated in the email body.


An example would be: when I receive an email from for an event/meetup that I signed up for, it automatically create/save the attachment into my calendar.


Using RSS or calendar subscriptions will create a new calendar on Outlook, and won't sync with any other email app such as: Mail, or Outlook for Android.

Status: New
New Member

I was just thinking that.  It would be incredibly helpful if say I wrote in an email to a person, "I'll stop by tomorrow at 3pm".  It would trigger and add an event to my calendar for tomorrow at 3pm.  At the very least, bring up my calendar to that date so I'll remember to add that to my calendar.  

New Member

I'd love to have the ability to create an iCal event based on information in a SharePoint list.  For example, when a SharePoint item is created, create an iCal event using information in the SharePoint list, sending to an email address in a SharePoint list.