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Automatically enable versioning on lists if a Flow is connected to it

I'd like to suggest that Flow automatically enable SharePoint list versioning on connection. Or, that the default for SharePoint is to have versioning enabled for all lists.


Flows can easily be created that update and overwrite list data. By default, unlike SharePoint document libraries, SharePoint lists do not have versioning enabled. It would be useful to have versioning automatically get enabled when a flow is attached to a list, just in case something goes wrong with the Flow (particularly as this tool is designed to be used by end users who may not even be aware of the versioning capabilities of lists in SharePoint).


We have recently had an instance where a Flow overwrote a bunch of data in a list. As versioning was not manually enabled on the list, the only recovery path was to have the entire site restored we could grab an older version of the list. This situation could have been avoided if Flow flipped on versioning when it was connected to the list (or on first 

Status: New