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Autotask Connection

Looking for an integration with Autotask so I can get some of their data to PowerBI and SharePoint. They have a proprietary API, but I don't think a JSON endpoint which makes it harder I expect.

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There's a REST API in the meantime. This would open tons of possibilities. For now, I'll work with integromat, as they already offer the integration.


For anyone curious:

Swagger: Swagger for Autotask PSA

Autotask Developer Documentation:

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Being able to process emails out of an Exchange mailbox, using PowerAutomate to parse the email for processing: 

  • To get key pieces of information, including the potential of custom tags in the email.
  • To drive ticket creation, as well as perform other functions on tickets via email.

PowerAutomate brings much more Power to this space, than work flow rules and other mechanisms within Autotask.