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Azure AD Guest User


Create Azure AD guest user


Email address of the external user

Personal message with the invitation

Nice to have

Profile Fields


First name

Last name

Photo: url

Block sign in: yes/no

Mobile phone

Update Azure AD guest user

As for New guest user


When Azure AD guest user is created

When Azure AD guest user is modified

Status: New
Regular Visitor

This would be great! Would also be nice to have the option to not send an email on creation in the Flow configuration for guest users. That would allow us to control the notification process however we want. 

Advocate I

It will be great to have this feature.

New Member

This would be an amazing feature!

Skilled Sharer

I would very much like this feature as well.


I have an automated Sign up process, but will have to keep adding my Azure AD B2C users in as a manual process until this is added.

New Member

Yes. I'm for it

New Member

I understand that some enterprise customers may not want to use this feature, but for small businesses that interact with a lot of people, this would be invaluable.


I want to be able to run an Open Team as one can on Slack where an invitation URL can be used for Guests to join the channel. This would help me communicate better with my customers and my users,

Not applicable

This would be very usefull! Because this does not work today IT has to add guest user manually before out flow can continue.

Frequent Visitor

Please microsoft add this feature!!!


I am a Microsoft employee and this feature would help us scale in managing our customer and partner communities on Microsoft Teams.