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Azure AD Triggers for User Deleted

It would be nice to have more Azure AD triggers for activity so that admins/legal can get notified when a user is deleted. We need to send custom notifications to certain IT admins so they can decide what to do with the user's OneDrive content. Also, legal should be made aware in case they need to decide whether the user should be placed on hold for any current investigations going on. This would allow their mailbox and onedrive to be retained.

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I have a client that is looking to automate the process of setting up users in Dynamics 365 for Operations, Sales, and Customer Service. They want to automatically add a user to the system when the user is added into the Azure AD and create thier own logic in the flow to put the user in the correct security roles based on the the group they belong to in AD. Currently there are no triggers for Azure AD only actions for AD. In order to meet the immediate requirements we would need the following triggers:


1. When a user is created in Azure AD.

2. When a user is added to a group in Azure AD.

3. When a user is removed from a group in Azuer AD.

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Yes, we also need same for Role assignment for newly created users in Powerapps. Eagerly waiting for upcoming features. Thanks in advance.

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We also need the "new user" and "deleted user" triggers, so that we can set off a flow to the various people that need to action tasks for new staff and staff leaving.

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when a "user is added to an Azure AD group" should be a trigger!

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I agree with @Carverm - "when a "user is added to an Azure AD group" should be a trigger!" - this would be really useful for us

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